Portrait Sessions Vol. IV | friends & dating?

It has been a while.

I missed blogging. I missed taking photos. I missed pouring out my creative juices on this canvass.


I really feel like I want to share something with you.

October 1st

We planned ahead of our trip. But it was sudden. I impulsively booked an Airbnb for Pauline and I, simply because we wanted to get away. Somewhere far, and some place where we could talk about life and catch up. A few days before our trip, Pauline’s high school friend, Gelo, joined us as well. I always wanted to hang out with Gelo, ’cause Pau told me about her a lot. She likes bands too, and she’s got good aesthetics.

The day came, and the weather was good, it was bright and sunny outside when we left Manila. We bought beers and soju before dropping off to La Bella when the sky had a temper and it drizzled for a few hours. When we got there, we fixed our stuff and rested for a while before we went outside for our shoot.


Hello Gelo

Gelo has been a friend of Pauline since high school and I’ve heard about her since. Pauline wanted us to meet for the longest time but we didn’t have the chance to meet earlier, but we occasionally talk over Twitter that’s why it wasn’t really awkward when I got to meet her for the first time.



There’s a deeper reason why the three of us wanted to hang out together– to talk about boys. A few weeks before our trip, we were on a dating app and we were talking about the boys we’ve been talking to, and we just can’t contain all the funny stories, cringe-worthy moments and kilig stuff that we have experienced from there.

During that time, I was talking to someone already but he was giving me mixed signals that even girls can’t understand. The thing about online dating is, you really can’t expect anyone to be serious. People come and go easily.





Well, maybe not everyone. Maybe, some are meant to stay. Hopefully.

my thoughts are so messed up.

Hope you liked the photo set though.

Camera used: Canon 1100D

Lens: Canon 50mm f1.8 

Muses: Pauline & Gelo

IG: @earthtopauline & @gelo.tecson



Portrait Sessions Vol. II | My sister

It was a chill afternoon, Ate Tin and I decided to have a little shoot session around our house. This was taken at our garage. I really love our textured walls and how it gives earthy color to the photo.

This is Christine. She is my sister.

There is a lot to say about her. But, let me tell you a story about courage and faith, and how these two words best describe her.


We were aiming for a weird, rather odd photo shoot.

“It’s been over a month since I gave birth last June 13, 2017, 5:43AM via Normal Spontaneous Delivery, my due was June 19, we have been waiting for that day when we’ll be able to meet our little girl. Even if I have been too scared to think about giving birth.

I started to feel mild cramps at 10pm, June 12, I was thinking maybe those are just Braxton Hicks contractions or false labor since I have read all about them but at 1AM the contractions became noticeable and intervals are getting closer. My husband, Gelo gave our OB a heads up and told us to rush to the hospital as soon as I feel that the contractions are getting painful and at close intervals. 3AM, I told Gelo to help me get a warm bath before we head to the hospital which is less than 10 mins away from home. While he was bathing me, I noticed the mucus plug and excitedly told him that I know I am about to give birth that day. When we arrived at the hospital I was rushed at the Operating Room and all I can feel was excitement and anticipation despite the pain. The resident OB checked and told me I was fully dilated. The nurses checked for Prism’s heart tone but they’re having a hard time to locate it.” Continue reading Portrait Sessions Vol. II | My sister

My Portrait Photography Story

Ciao! It’s Chams. I have been into photography lately, and I really love taking portraits. I just want to share with you all my portrait photography story. My inspirations, my style, and how I do it. 🙂

Getting inspirations

Before I started blogging, I was really a YouTube junkie. I always watch a lot of YouTubers, and one of my favorites is Nadine Felice. She is a Filipina YouTuber who does beauty, lifestyle, vlogs and pep talk videos. I always liked her content and aesthetics, then I came across to one of her vlogs where she did portrait photography with her friends. I became super interested with portrait photography so I tweeted her and asked, “Nades, how do you shoot portraits?!” Her reply was “Watch Jessica Whitaker on YouTube!” So, I immediately went over to Jessica’s channel and watched her videos. She does portrait photography behind-the-scenes videos and she shares her photography tips and tricks as well. I really like her style and her resourcefulness, because she does not use any photography accessories and her tutorials are fit for beginners like me.

Start of something new

camera used: Canon 1100D

After getting all the inspirations online, I tapped my good friend Pauline to shoot with me, because she’s also a photography enthusiast. We brought our own cameras and met up one afternoon. We literally had no idea how to start shooting, and we at least tried to do few poses at the mall parking lot before we head over to our target location. We did not expect that it would be that fun! We thought it would be really awkward at first, but we felt the opposite.



We started shooting at around 4 in the afternoon, photographers call it the “golden hour” because the sun gives off a redder and softer light in photos. Golden hour is the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. We really loved the natural light and how it really highlighted the photos we took.


As I’ve mentioned before, we started shooting at a mall parking lot to test-shot photos and to condition ourselves. It was an open parking space at the rooftop and we really liked it. We then moved to University of the Philippines and found a newly-built building with lots of cute walls. Good thing, there were few people there so the whole place was ours! Yay!



We didn’t really talked about our style before Pauline and I went for the shoot. But we kind of did retro aesthetic for this. She wore a white ringer tee, denim jeans and white sneakers that she paired with cute socks. I really liked her style, it was really simple but it gave out a nice statement. 🙂


Since I don’t have any fancy photo editing software, like Photoshop or Lightroom, I just processed the photos with VSCO with the free presets. I used C1 and P5 presets for some of the photos.


As beginners, we really think we did a great job and we also learned a lot from our first shoot. The struggle for me was my camera, because the camera I used is our 5-year old Canon 1100D, and the kit lens were a bit old and the autofocus is not working anymore. I really find it hard to use manual focus because of my blurry vision and sometimes, when the light is too bright. Nevertheless, it was really fun and I’ve learned a lot! I can’t wait to post more of my portrait stories. 🙂

🌸 Chams


You can find Pauline’s blog 🌸 here 🌸

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