living with less ii – the minimalist mindset

The second installment of my minimalism series is here already. Weeks ago, someone asked me on instagram if I will be having another blog post about minimalism, and here we are now. I actually wanted to write more about this but most of the time, I will start with a paragraph but I will just leave it on my drafts and never return to it. (inspiration, where u at????)

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and audiobook about minimalism, particularly from The Minimalists. I learn a lot from them and they are really an inspiration to me.

steps to minimalism

There is no specific step in transitioning to being a minimalist. It doesn’t matter how hardcore you are in minimizing your clutter, or when you’re evaluating the value of your material possessions. In contrary to my previous post where I said that minimalism is a lifestyle, now I believe that minimalism is more of a mindset.

As long as you have everything you need, and you know that these things add value to your life, then you are good to go. You are a minimalist.

Take a look at your office desk, or your vanity table. Look at all of the things that you have. Do you own 20+ pens? Do you own 2 sets of makeup brushes? If so, re-evaluate these things. Does it add value to your life? Does it spark joy? Does it serve its purpose? Maybe you are just collecting these pens just because they are cute, or cheap that’s why you purchased them. Is it necessary to have 2 sets of makeup brushes (sure it does loljk) when you just use one at a time?

minimalist mindset

The perfect situation in which we can experience the minimalist mindset is when we spend or purchase. Yes, we are surrounded by malls, bazaars and other shops where we can get items from. We can’t go on a week (especially when we are in an urban area) without going to the mall, and mindful purchasing is exactly what we need. Say for an instance, you saw this really cute and “omg this is so me!”mug. You paid for it, went home, and saw a whole other mug collection of yours sitting on the cupboard, waiting for them to be used. But you only drink coffee once a day, and you only use your favorite mug that you recently bought. What will happen to the other mugs that you purchased months ago? And that, my friends, is how you accumulate clutter.

Here’s the thing. If you have a minimalist mindset, first thing that will come to your mind is, “Do I really need it?” or “Will it add value to my life?” Well, maybe yeah, buying this really cute mug will definitely motivate me to get up in the morning and get that fresh brew of coffee. But come to think of it, your mug at home is serving its purpose really well. It’s not chipped, it houses your coffee like how it should be. Why don’t you let it serve its purpose until it wears out? Or until it gets chipped or broken? Not only will it save you money, but also, avoiding small purchases can help you save the environment too (hello, zero-waste!).


I don’t even know why I came up with a mug as an example. But this is what we tend to do, we keep on hoarding and hoarding until it gets out of hand. And seeing all of these clutter will stress you out. But hey, like I said earlier, if collecting things add value to your life, then go do it. But maybe there are some items that you should let go for you to have more headspace and freedom in life.




the truth

It was a quick transition, from together to alone.

It wasn’t as I imagined, it was more like finishing a good book. I thought it would involve unnecessary consumption of ice cream and chocolates, crying myself to sleep and not being able to function at all.

Nights are not as cold, mornings are easy.

Checking my mobile does not include messaging anyone if I ate already, or if I’m dressing up for work.

No reason to stay up late. My body thanks me for always getting enough sleep.


I still don’t know if I’m going to regret this in the future. But for now, I feel okay. Everything’s fine. I don’t feel like I’m being needed anyway.

the one where she’s listening to boy pablo while vomiting words


the vine and her flowers


If you love vine, then

hello, soulmate.

Here are my favorite vines

in stickers.

Hope you like ’em.

still polite though
“how much money do you got?” “69 cents.” “you know what that means!”
“so who’s your cutest uber driver?” “ugh, i never been to oovoo javer.”
*cue the iconic take on me song*
“they got this new thing called..”

why is my humor like this

send help


any of you who loves vines? people are not getting my vine references i wanna cry



lol @ quality content

year one

Happy birthday, chamsicles! 

Well, it’s not my birthday. This blog turned 1 today! Cheers to more quality content and consistent blog posts hahaha! To be honest, I was quite hesitant to start this blog before, mainly because I was not really good with playing with words. I just started this without thinking that other people would actually read my posts. But anyway, I’m grateful for y’all because I felt that I sort of did something right. 😉

Thank you for being in this journey with me. Love y’all.





I kinda wanna do a giveaway. 

Yes or yes?

[ I haven’t bought anything yet for my giveaway, but most likely it would be like a care box from me. are u excited huhu bec i am ]



I really liked AM duties just because you were there.

Early in the morning, your first destination was the third place

I could tell by your hair that you woke up pretty late, because it wasn’t waxed as it often looked. What did you do last night? Did you stay up late to finish the reports your boss told you to do? Did you binge watch a TV show? Did you leave your eyes open, staring at the ceiling, thinking of someone?

You chose the same spot. The same table, facing the window. The same chair you sat on yesterday, and the day before. Your brown satchel laid flat across your note.


And there you went.

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7/7 | Black & White Photo Challenge


Rules: 7 days, 7 black and white photos, no people, no explanations, challenge someone new everyday.

Thank you, Hunida for challenging me. 💛 I know you tagged me here months ago. I’m ready to take the challenge now!


Today, I challenge you, who is reading this post to do this challenge! ✨



6/7 | Black & White Photo Challenge


Rules: 7 days, 7 black and white photos, no people, no explanations, challenge someone new everyday.

Thank you, Hunida for challenging me. 💛 I know you tagged me here months ago. I’m ready to take the challenge now!


Today, I challenge you, Kat. ❤

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