iPhone 13 starlight ⭐️ | + my thoughts 💭

Ciao, it’s Chams!

Super excited to share that I finally got a new phone! This is big news for me, because I don’t usually splurge on things like this lol. Well, to be honest, I purchased an iPad Air 4 a few months ago, but the iPad was something I really needed for work and my side hustle. So, this year felt like a year full of tech upgrades. I’m super grateful for the provisions that were given to me and I was able to afford these things.

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the iPhone 13 in starlight | 128gb

Anyhoo, I mentioned earlier that I don’t splurge that much. My last phone was an iPhone 6s, which I got from Carousell for 8k pesos last 2018. I always buy second-hand stuff, and buying brand new stuff is always intimidating for me. After several battery replacements and screen repairs for my old 6s, I finally decided to upgrade to a new one. I initially thought of buying an iPhone 11/12 because there were price-offs since Apple released the new iPhone 13. I was going through several shops and resellers on Instagram, but the iPhone 12 is still around 46-47k.

And then I saw this shop on Instagram, and they’re selling the new iPhone 13 (128gb) for 46k! Usual prices for the iPhone 13 is still around 53-55k. The only matter is that, it is locked to one network provider only (luckily, the network I’m using).

I am not super into specs, but I am very sold to the wide and ultrawide camera, longer battery life, 5g network, and the A15 Bionic Chip! I am also in the Apple ecosystem already, so transferring files is something that I love about sticking to this phone. I am pretty sure that I will not be upgrading my phone in the next 5-7 years, or maybe more haha.

The iPhone 13 Starlight looks super elegant as well! I really love the boxy look of the iPhone 12-13 series since it reminds me of the iPhone 4-5 era. I’m super in love with this phone!

Okay, so my overall (and honest) thoughts.. Well, I am really happy that I got this phone for less, because I wouldn’t have bought this if its price tag screams 55k. I know it’s a huge chunk of money, but I’m really grateful for my side hustle for making this happen haha. Alright so, specs-wise, the camera doesn’t go far from the iPhone 12 series (my sister has one so I was able to compare), but it is definitely awesome in low light settings! Of course, versus the 6s that I was using for years, the 13 is definitely an upgrade. The 5g was amazing, it’s super fast and reliable. Battery is great as well, it lasts me 24 hours before it even drains! 👏🏻 Overall, it was awesome!!!!

life update

Ciao, it’s Chams!

henlo it me

We’re already in the 2nd half of the year and I can’t believe how this year went by so fast and I super relate to this meme:

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '2022 isin 4 months My brain still processing 2020'

How are you all doing? I hope everything is good, wherever you are.

We’re still in another lockdown in the Manila, and I’m super bummed that this is still happening a year after our first lockdown in 2020. Government is still blah, blaming all the people for the spread of the virus, not acknowledging their faults, and pretending that everything is okay, thinking that lockdowns are absolute solutions. I could go on and on, but I don’t wanna focus on political thingies on this post lol.


Things are actually going pretty well with work. I have mentioned in a previous post that I got promoted, and a few days ago, I celebrated my 2nd year anniversary with the company. The pandemic hit us really hard, since we mostly handle foodservice clients and they were super affected with the lockdowns and all, so many projects were put aside– however, it opened doors to other opportunities like engaging with manufacturing accounts! Which means bigger wins for us. Since my job is in sales, the pressure is always there, especially when hitting targets. But our Provider is really kind and generous, and for that, I’m always grateful.


The cookie business is still up and running, and we are super blessed to have this as our side hustle. We are really happy that it has provided us sanity and extra income (sanity comes first, yes) as we’re doing this as a weekend thing. We are currently closed, since we’re in a lockdown and since August is also a busy month at work. I’m excited to open the shop again, and list a new flavor, or maybe a new product– so maybe watch out for that? Heheh

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It’s been more than a year since we’re stuck at home, and it’s pretty exhausting doing the same things over and over again. Unlike before that we can go out whenever we want to, it’s really hard to do that these days. So I picked up new hobbies and things to do, like working out! I am super into jump rope for the last 3 months, and it’s a super fun way to exercise. I make it to a point that I do at least 1k jumps per day, which I finish in 12-15mins (while listening to my fave gym playlist–mostly SB19 songs haha). And then, I like to finish it off with some weights to tone my arms and shoulders. It helps with my posture as well.

fave work-out set heheh

Aside from that, I also love digital journaling and drawing on my iPad! I was never good at drawing– maybe at doodling but it’s the skill I really wanted to learn. I have been watching videos on YT and Skillshare (thanks to the free trials lol) to improve my digital illustrations, and I think we all gotta start somewhere just so we can improve a little bit more.

my first ever procreate project!


I have been following a day-to-day schedule pretty recently and it really kind of works for me, it somehow tells my brain to do stuff and get it done. I’m pretty much okay lately, not the best I can say but I’m trying to hold myself together pretty well.

Last July, I was also fully-vaccinated! Everyone in our household is fully-vaccinated already, and we are privileged and very blessed that we had access to the vaccine. My parents are both A2, and all of my sibs are under A4. We were super blessed that we didn’t encounter so many issues in the vaccination sites as well. We are still very cautious even if we are all fully-vaccinated! We always wear our masks, we rarely go out (only for grocery runs), and we make sure we shower before we step in the house! We have improvised a shower area in our garage where everybody should shower first and put all the outside clothes in the washer to make sure we’re all disinfected. We also disinfect our bags before we go in. We’re pretty much used to that routine now hehe.

fully vaccinated last July 17! I got Sinovac.

I am really trying to keep myself busy these days, and one of the things I’ve been doing is creating skincare-related content on IG, which I started in May. I super love the skin-positive community there, and I kind of wished I learned about it when my self-esteem was super low because of my acne. That is also the reason why I started the page, to give support to those who are struggling with the same issues that I have. Recently, someone DM-ed me, asking for my experience with the medication that we’re both using. It’s a different kind of support you get when you know someone is going through the same things as you are.

you can follow my skincare page! @chamieskins

My paternal grandma also died a few days ago, which is painful for us all, but somehow we are comforted that she passed peacefully in her sleep. She was 96, and have lived a long life already, and we are grateful that we shared our earthly life with her. We love her and we’ll surely miss her happy smiles, her giggles, her cute cha-cha moves, and the smell of her coffee and tobacco.

We love you always, Lola Baling!

I pray for that kind of passing as well, just drifting in your sleep, then waking up in another life.

I might have overshared for today’s post, but it’s fun going back here and I’m really glad that I was able to share snippets of my life here.

I hope you all stay safe!

working out & getting fit

Ciao, it’s Chams!

I have mentioned from my post yesterday that I worked out for the past few months that I was on a hiatus, starting April 2020. Working out helped me a lot, especially for my mental health. It really diverted my attention and I just enjoyed doing it for myself. It also made me a bit fit and I felt really healthy haha. I just wanted to share with y’all my favorite workouts and how I *tried* to stay in shape during the quarantine.

I didn’t actually do the workouts by myself, just because I don’t know where and how to start. Years ago, I really loved doing Hasfit’s Insanity Cardio Workout but I figured out that I don’t really enjoy doing it now. So I tried to look for other workout videos that will really motivate me and keep me consistent. So here are my favorite fitness pros that I found on Youtube!

  1. Mr. And Mrs. Muscle
Click the photo for the Day 1 workout video.

When I was searching for a good workout, this suddenly popped up and tried to do the Day 1 of the workout plan. It was easy to follow and didn’t really make me feel exhausted. But it really made me sweat a LOT! The next day, my muscles were super sore but I still went on until I finished Day 14. It really felt great for me and I like how straight forward the workout is. This is great for beginners, and for those who are just starting to transition from very sedentary to being active.

Click the photo for the full 14-day workout playlist

They also have immediate to advanced workouts, buddy workouts and mostly HIIT, if you’re into that.

2. Emi Wong

Click the photo to direct you to the Day 1 of this program

After I did the 14-day workout program of Mr. and Mrs. Muscle, I figured out that I can level up my workout routine and decided to follow Emi Wong’s 15-day lower abs and intense belly fat burn program. When I say challenging, it really is!!! I was super used to doing workouts for 20 minutes only, but Emi’s workouts are for 30 minutes – 1 hour. Of course, it’s optional to do the whole workout, but no pain, no gain. So I did the whole routine, and surprisingly, I did well and made me feel stronger! I also like how motivating Emi is on her videos.

When I feel extra, I also include this workout on my routine:

3. Blogilates

I love Cassie’s isolation workouts, or workouts targeting specific areas like butt, shoulder, arms, etc. Plus, she’s a really great motivator and I love her jolly personality. She’s very chatty while doing the workouts (real-time!) and I kind of like that, because you’ll feel like she’s your workout bud.

Here are my favorite videos from Cassie:

Also, if you’re into pilates, she’s really great at that! She also launched a new app called, BODY by blogilates and you can access her workout videos + workout plans exclusive for those who will subscribe monthly.

That sums up my favorite workout / fitness pros that I follow for my workout routines! Now moving forward, I would like to share with you some of my must-haves that I really enjoyed using while working out!


I don’t really like playing those workout videos on full-blast, that’s why I always use my earbuds. However, it can be a real hassle ’cause it tangles a lot! So I got myself an Airpods, and it really made my workout easier, plus I’m not worried that I’ll bother my sister when I workout while she’s sleeping.

Airpods 2 that I got from @haggai.ph on instagram.

Workout bra/bralette

I can’t really say that this is a sports bra, since it’s really not. This is a bralette that I got from Shopee and it does the job well since I have small boobs and it doesn’t need that much support haha. I got 4 pcs of this, in white, green, brown and taupe.

Write it down on your journal

Nothing better than when you tick off your routine one by one. It helps you become more focused and excited to reach your goal!


After a month of staying consistent with my workout routine, here are my results! Okay, I know I flexed my muscles a bit but I definitely saw some results and it made me feel really healthier!

After doing Mr. and Mrs. Muscle, and Emi Wong’s workouts for 1 month.

Bottom line, if you want change, you should start now and stay consistent with your routine. You should not expect overnight results, but be patient and keep your eye on your goal!

’til then!

living with less iii | the zero waste lifestyle

It has been a while since I last made an entry from this series and I’m really excited to be finally sharing the zero waste lifestyle with you. I have mentioned in my previous minimalism blog about zero-waste and I thought, what better way to carry on with this series but to post about my take on this.

I have been following the zero-waste lifestyle for over a year now. I started learning about it around 2017 when I saw a video of Lauren Singer aka Trash is for Tossers on YouTube, about her trash jar that carried her entire waste for four years. I was amazed by her commitment and how she actually managed to live her life without making any waste. Upon reading and watching videos about this lifestyle, I slowly started transitioning to zero waste, though I wasn’t fully committed. However, I made sure that I was mindful of my environmental footprint and tried to lessen my waste as much as I can.


what exactly is zero waste?

I will just put this one out simply.

  1. There should be no waste going to the landfill, in the ocean, or on the streets. 

Very straightforward.

People who practice zero waste follow these 5 principles to achieve their goal of producing no waste at all.


– Refusing to things that you don’t need and didn’t ask for. For an instance, a brochure or pamphlet that a salesperson handed you. Or even the extra plastic bag from the groceries when you can just put the items you bought straight to your bag.


– Reducing your consumption to save resources. For example, buying in bulk rather than buying items in small quantities. Also, buying good quality materials that can last you a long time rather than repetitively buying an item that you will eventually replace after a month or so.

reuse (or repair)

– Reusing items that are still in good condition, or repairing them instead of buying a new one. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, no doubt about it.


– Recycling is when we convert waste to a reusable item. Sometimes it can be called repurposing as well.

rot (or compost)

– Composting your kitchen scraps is better than taking them out in the general waste bin. Biodegradable items, combined with other wastes in the landfill can be more hazardous to human health.

Basically, these are the things to keep in mind and take heart when doing the zero waste lifestyle. Remember that the goal is to send little to no waste to the landfill.


minimalism and zero waste

It goes hand in hand.

While I was learning more about minimalism, it came to me that being a minimalist is parallel to the principles of zero-waste. It is mindful consumerism that binds the two together. However, zero waste is more on the environmental aspect while minimalism is looking at the essentials.


I hope you enjoyed reading this one, and also hoping that you learned something from this and somehow inspired you to learn more about zero waste. 😉

‘Til next!







my film photography journey

Ciao! It’s Chams. It’s been a while since I last blabbered about photography, and I’m really excited to tell you about my film photography journey.

Photography is definitely a new thing for me but since I’m a bibo kid and likes to try new things every now and then, I decided to try film photography as well. A little backstory, I have been doing digital photography (mostly portraits) since 2016. But, around that time, I also started to introduce myself to the magical world of film photography. Shooting film is definitely not new to us, all of us 90s kids had a couple of photo albums full of pictures captured in film. But since the age of digital cameras, we slowly drifted away from film photography.

My family is basically obsessed with cameras, and we have 9 different cameras lurking around the house (be it action cams, DSLRs, digital cameras, and analogue cameras). Every once in a while, when we clean the house, I find my dad’s old cameras from our drawers and play around with them. It was 2017, around June, when I came across Nate Punzalan, a Filipino YouTuber who shoots film. I was in awe with his passion for shooting film and also amazed with his shots. I then remembered that my dad owned a vintage rangefinder and now, I’m using it to take film photography.

the journey

Now that my camera is ready, I just needed a film to begin with. My first roll was an expired Kodak Ultima 100 that I bought from AnalogiquePH.

Sadly, it took me two years to finish the roll with 36 shots because the excitement sort of died down when I got really into portrait photography using my DSLR. I finished my first roll last December, because I finally have a film bud to shoot film photography with! He’s new into film photography like me, but he takes great photos, I swear! If you want to see his awesome works, go check out Kervs!

Since Kervs is an amazing human, he took my film and brought it to Sunny16 Lab with me to have it developed and scanned there. Here are some of the photos from my first roll that I want to share with you all. Hope you enjoy!







My shots looked like they came from the 60s but nah, the expired film made it look like this. And maybe the light settings hehe basically I don’t know what I’m doing.

I just finished my second roll of film and I’m excited to share with you all the results. But that’s for next time. If you’re interested with film photography and want to learn more about it, go check out Nate’s video on how he shoots film. He explained it very well along with the technicalities and whatnot.


Do you still remember the last time you shot with film cameras? 🙂


living with less ii – the minimalist mindset

The second installment of my minimalism series is here already. Weeks ago, someone asked me on instagram if I will be having another blog post about minimalism, and here we are now. I actually wanted to write more about this but most of the time, I will start with a paragraph but I will just leave it on my drafts and never return to it. (inspiration, where u at????)

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and audiobook about minimalism, particularly from The Minimalists. I learn a lot from them and they are really an inspiration to me.

steps to minimalism

There is no specific step in transitioning to being a minimalist. It doesn’t matter how hardcore you are in minimizing your clutter, or when you’re evaluating the value of your material possessions. In contrary to my previous post where I said that minimalism is a lifestyle, now I believe that minimalism is more of a mindset.

As long as you have everything you need, and you know that these things add value to your life, then you are good to go. You are a minimalist.

Take a look at your office desk, or your vanity table. Look at all of the things that you have. Do you own 20+ pens? Do you own 2 sets of makeup brushes? If so, re-evaluate these things. Does it add value to your life? Does it spark joy? Does it serve its purpose? Maybe you are just collecting these pens just because they are cute, or cheap that’s why you purchased them. Is it necessary to have 2 sets of makeup brushes (sure it does loljk) when you just use one at a time?

minimalist mindset

The perfect situation in which we can experience the minimalist mindset is when we spend or purchase. Yes, we are surrounded by malls, bazaars and other shops where we can get items from. We can’t go on a week (especially when we are in an urban area) without going to the mall, and mindful purchasing is exactly what we need. Say for an instance, you saw this really cute and “omg this is so me!”mug. You paid for it, went home, and saw a whole other mug collection of yours sitting on the cupboard, waiting for them to be used. But you only drink coffee once a day, and you only use your favorite mug that you recently bought. What will happen to the other mugs that you purchased months ago? And that, my friends, is how you accumulate clutter.

Here’s the thing. If you have a minimalist mindset, first thing that will come to your mind is, “Do I really need it?” or “Will it add value to my life?” Well, maybe yeah, buying this really cute mug will definitely motivate me to get up in the morning and get that fresh brew of coffee. But come to think of it, your mug at home is serving its purpose really well. It’s not chipped, it houses your coffee like how it should be. Why don’t you let it serve its purpose until it wears out? Or until it gets chipped or broken? Not only will it save you money, but also, avoiding small purchases can help you save the environment too (hello, zero-waste!).


I don’t even know why I came up with a mug as an example. But this is what we tend to do, we keep on hoarding and hoarding until it gets out of hand. And seeing all of these clutter will stress you out. But hey, like I said earlier, if collecting things add value to your life, then go do it. But maybe there are some items that you should let go for you to have more headspace and freedom in life.



Living with less


1. Identify the essential.

2. Eliminate the rest.

Two important things that you have to keep in mind if you want to live with less, or if you want to pursue minimalism. 

For months, I’ve been fancying minimalist style and designs because it was all over my Pinterest feed. Everything was simple, clean looking and sleek. I thought minimalism was only a style. I never knew that it was actually a lifestyle. From then on, I got really invested in reading blogs, watching videos and following groups who are practicing minimalism.

If you are new with minimalism, I guess today’s the perfect time to learn about it.


What is minimalism?

“Minimalism is a way of eschewing the non-essential in order to focus on what’s truly important, what gives our lives meaning, what gives us joy and value.  Continue reading Living with less

We can help!

Ciao! It’s Chams. 🙂 For today’s blog post, I just wanted to share with you all something that I learned today (real quick!). I came across a video online, promoting this web search engine called Ecosia. 

So basically, Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees using its ad revenue. The system is really easy. You just have to search the web using Ecosia, then all of the ad searches will generate income for Ecosia and they will use all the money to plant trees! Amazing, isn’t it? 😉 Continue reading We can help!

Self-care is necessary

Ciao! It’s Chams. 🙂

I know there are days when you feel exhausted, lonely and sometimes, getting up in the morning is like the hardest thing to do. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I’ve been there too, and though it was not as easy to get away with that phase, I know that you can do it! 🙂 As for me, I practiced self care to help get myself together and be a brand new person. It was really helpful, because you know, the only person that can take the best care of yourself is YOU! So, here are some self-care ideas that you can try! Continue reading Self-care is necessary

Dream Space

Ciao! It’s Chams. Welcome back to my blog!

Lately, I was a bit busy and wasn’t able to be on track with my blog post schedule, but I’m back since I have plenty of time off from my job (Yes! I have a job again! Yay!). On the side note, I really missed writing here and I wanted to make a bit of a personal blog post too and I thought it was cute to share my dream space. 🙂

At the moment, I’ve been really into decorating and organizing my room. I usually spend hours and hours of my time watching videos of people having their room tour and looking at Ikea catalogs online so I could get ideas as well. Very occasionally, I get to see (and buy) cheap decors at department stores and try to incorporate them in my room. However, I can’t do much of the designing since I share room with my sister and I have to consider her likes too. Continue reading Dream Space