Self-care is necessary

Ciao! It’s Chams. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know there are days when you feel exhausted, lonely and sometimes, getting up in the morning is like the hardest thing to do. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I’ve been there too, and though it was not as easy to get away with that phase, I know that you can do it! ๐Ÿ™‚ As for me, I practiced self care to help get myself together and be a brand new person. It was really helpful, because you know, the only person that can take the best care of yourself is YOU!ย So, here are some self-care ideas that you can try!

If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you're not out there, you'll only hear about it.


I hope you try some of these ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll see you soon!



Gogh-ing where?

Ciao! It’s Chams. Welcome back to my blog!

If you’re an art junkie like me, you probably know Vincent van Gogh. He’s a post-impressionist painter from the late 1800s. His works are far different than the other painters from his era, mainly because of his play with colors and the life behind his creations.ย 

“The Starry Night” – Van Gogh, 1889 // this is a moving version of The Starry Night, to show the life behind this creation.ย 

Vincent lived an unhappy life. He was broke most of the time, he didn’t have a decent job, he jumped from one city to another, his love life was a mess, he had mental illness, he was treated by his neighbors as a freak, no one was interested in his paintings (during his lifetime), and no one appreciated him as an artist (again, during his lifetime). The only thing that was good about his life, was his relationship with his brother Theo. They were really close, and he got Vincent’s back since day 1.

As much as I wanna talk about his life more, but this will be freakin’ long, so if you wanna know more about Vincent’s clickย HERE.

What brought me here?

“Irises” – Van Gogh, 1889 // One of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. It’s currently displayed in the J. Paul Getty Museum at Los Angeles, California.

I never knew about Vincent van Gogh, until I watched an episode of Doctor Who, where the Doctor and his companion Amy, went back in time to meet Vincent, with high hopes of re-writing time and prevent Vincent from killing himself. It was a really lovely episode, I shed a good bucket of tears when I watched it. If you wanna watch the tear-jerking moment of Vincent travelling to time where everyone appreciated his work, watch itย HERE.

“Sunflowers” – Van Gogh, 1887 // The Sunflowers were actually a series of paintings. Vincent made four of them, and as of the moment, they were displayed in Japan, Amsterdam, Philadelphia and the other one is in a private collection.

Since then, I was interested with his life and his works. I watched a few documentaries about him, and read biographies. I didn’t realize that someone whose life was tragic, can be so inspiring. What made me really sad, is the fact that he was underappreciated when he was still alive. His paintings then, were treated as trash. (I really wish I could give Vincent a hug rn)

Painted with Words


One of my favorite biographies/documentary of Vincent was Painted with Words. It was produced by BBC, and the best bit here is that Benedict Cumberbatch played Vincent. The whole story was based from the exchange of letters of Vincent and Theo.

Loving Vincent

LovingVincent_Quad_Art_GBMH_R15_V 1[2]

Loving Vincent was the first ever fully painted animation film and it was about the circumstances of Vincent’s death. Each of the 65,000 frames was painted using oil in canvas by a team of 115 painters. I watched this film at SM North Edsa with my dad and my sister. The ticket was only priced at Php 150 and it was such a good deal! When we went inside the cinema, there were only like 15 people inside! I feel so bad for the others who didn’t get to watch this film, because it was amazing. The animation was incredible and I was in awe with how it was all put together. The story-telling was great as well, it showed a different point of view of Vincent’s passing.

If you still have a chance to watch this film, watch it now or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.ย 




I know this post was a bit random, but I just wanna express my love for Vincent van Gogh and tell the world (in case some people don’t know him yet) how awesome he is. If you like Vincent too, give me a virtual high five in the comments box below! ๐Ÿ˜‰



Portrait Sessions Vol. II | My sister

It was a chill afternoon, Ate Tin and I decided to have a little shoot session around our house. This was taken at our garage. I really love our textured walls and how it gives earthy color to the photo.

This is Christine.ย She is my sister.

There is a lot to say about her. But, let me tell you a story aboutย courage and faith, and how these two words best describe her.


We were aiming for a weird, rather odd photo shoot.

“It’s been over a month since I gave birth last June 13, 2017, 5:43AM via Normal Spontaneous Delivery, my due was June 19, we have been waiting for that day when we’ll be able to meet our little girl. Even if I have been too scared to think about giving birth.

I started to feel mild cramps at 10pm, June 12, I was thinking maybe those are just Braxton Hicks contractions or false labor since I have read all about them but at 1AM the contractions became noticeable and intervals are getting closer. My husband, Gelo gave our OB a heads up and told us to rush to the hospital as soon as I feel that the contractions are getting painful and at close intervals. 3AM, I told Gelo to help me get a warm bath before we head to the hospital which is less than 10 mins away from home. While he was bathing me, I noticed the mucus plug and excitedly told him that I know I am about to give birth that day. When we arrived at the hospital I was rushed at the Operating Room and all I can feel was excitement and anticipation despite the pain. The resident OB checked and told me I was fully dilated. The nurses checked for Prism’s heart tone but they’re having a hard time to locate it.”

“I asked the nurse what’s happening she told me maybe Prism is pushing closer to my pelvic bone that’s why. That time I never felt something was wrong all I can feel was the calmness and I have great faith that my baby is doing fine, I believe God is with us, since we can still feel her moving that night when Gelo was kissing my tummy. My OB arrived, it was an easy delivery, I was pushing with great ease…then the episiotomy, then came baby Prism at 6.6 lbs.”


“My OB laid her in my tummy for a while then I saw the doctor held her and was giving her a CPR, that moment I know something was wrong…I was murmuring Jesus help us, Mama Mary pray for us… St Gerard Majella pray for us… I was groggy and sleepy but I was fighting it because I wanted to hear my baby cry… Until sleep found me… I never heard my sweet Nayeli Prism’s cry.

I woke up at the recovery room, saw my husband with my OB carrying our little girl, sad look on their faces. I was still sedated and feeling sleepy when they broke the news that she was gone. She already poop inside my tummy and she ingested her meconium which was the cause of her death, I know the doctors tried to save her by putting tubes to suction the meconium.”

Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain

“We lost another child and gained another angel in Heaven. I didn’t received an epidural, all I had was IV Sedation, sored muscles and aching body…I was numb from everything, numb from all the pain…no tears fell from my eyes and sleep found me again…”

Ate Tin lost her first child, Andrei from a miscarriage last year, August 2016.

“One by one people came in to see me inside the recovery room, my husband Gelo, my Mom, my Dad, my sister Charlene..all with sad eyes, no uttered words, they just held me close because our heart speaks the same sadness and grief instead of the happiness that we’ve been anticipating for the last 9 months. Before the nurses wheeled me to my room I requested if I can see my baby again for the last time, I was able to have a moment with our beautiful little girl, our sleeping baby angel, she who has never had a glimpse of light, my dear Nayeli Prism which means I love you Rainbow. I claimed her to be our rainbow baby after the loss of our first angel, Andrei due to miscarriage on my 3rd month of pregnancy but it seems like our Heavenly Father is in great need of angels and so we wholeheartedly offer them to Him who is Holy and Great and All Knowing. We were glad to have a moment with Prism to held her in my arms as if I am cuddling a sleeping baby, to know her a bit more, I carefully studied her face, her arms, hands and feet. I was looking for birth marks but she has none. I kissed her and breathed her newly shampooed hair. I felt the softness of her skin. She was beautiful, soft, and calm…and maybe she’s meant to be an angel.”

Letting go, and letting God


“We prayed for her and still praised and thanked the Lord even in the most saddest times, we know that it is His will. Our human minds cannot fathom His Divine wisdom, our plans is different from His plans. One by one we offered her a prayer, my loving husband held me closer as we rocked our baby, feeling every bit of her, preserving that moment in our hearts, and took our first and last picture as a family…Mommy Tin, Daddy Gelo and Baby Prism… until the day when we will finally held her in our arms forever and meet her again in Heaven together with her sibling, Andrei…”

ย I am always proud of my sister. She’s a woman of faith, and hope. Her beauty and grace flows from within and spreads to everyone who knows her.ย 

. . .

The italicized words above came from her facebook post.

. . .

camera used: Canon 1100D, 50mm fย 1.8



Takeaways from the book, I Declare

Ciao! It’s Chams. Welcome back to my blog.

It’s been a while since I last posted an inspirational blog for you all. I was overwhelmed with the amount of positive responses from myย Sunday Devotionalย and how it helped others to get through their daily struggle and how it reminded them of His love.ย For today’s post, I want to share with you excerpts and some of my learning from Joel Osteen’s book, I Declare.ย It has 31 different promises to speak over each day and will help you be in a positive state of mind as well as strengthening your faith in God.


This book defines the most powerful blessings in the Scripture and encourages readers to declare one each day for a month. The declarations will affirm God’s blessings in the areas of health, family.. finances.. etc.



Remember that when we speak, we are declaring our future. Our words have creative power and we give life to whatever we are saying– be it good or bad. So, avoid saying, “I will never get to pass this exam!” or “I will never get a position in that company.” Instead, say fruitful words and always speak favor into your future. “This will be a great year for me! I will be blessed in all aspects of my life!”ย 

Sometimes, we really get to a point in our life where finances are down and we desperately need it. It can be really tempting to say that, “I am so broke,” but don’t. Remember that God is supplying all of our needs. He is the Lord our Provider. This may seem impossible but I know God can do the impossible. Where God gives vision, He always provides provision.ย 

Sometimes, we also experience something like, “Tag-ulan na naman. Baka sipunin ako.” (It’s the rainy season. I’ll probably catch a cold.) I was so guilty of doing this before. It’s like I am predicting my own future, that’s why I end up really catching a cold. Always declare health, favor and abundance in your life.


Ever rejected from a job that you’re eyeing all your life or left by someone you love? Pray for God’s grace and take note of this report Joel Osteen said as his example:

“I know when one door closes, God will open up another. What was meant for my harm God will use to my advantage. I’m not only coming out, I will come out better off than I was before.” Have a report of victory.

Power of words

It was June this year, my favorite band The Maine came back to Manila for another concert. A few days before the show, I still haven’t bought tickets. I had money, but I don’t want to spend too much on buying tickets because I already know how hard it is to earn money. I waited for giveaway contests and joined almost every single one because I really don’t want to spend a peso for tickets. I was determined that I will win tickets for their show.

Two days before the concert, I read up on Twitter that Monster RX93.1 (a local radio station) was giving away two tickets for the show if they pick up your call during their cue and if you answer their question correctly. I stayed in front of our phone from 6pm to 11pm. Our phone on my left ear, and my earphone on my right ear (because I was listening to the radio waiting for the cue). The whole time, I was saying “I will watch The Maine! I will win tickets!”

Then came the cue. Fast like a lightning, I redialed the station’s number and heard it ringing. Then the DJ picked up and guess what? I WON. I won two VIP tickets for The Maine’s show and I was so happy!!! I was like looking up the whole time and thanking the Lord because everything worked! I trusted myself and my faith and believed that I will win. And I did!


I can definitely say that this book changed me. The way I look at failures and rejections before are a lot different from the way I see it now. I see hope and God’s promises in every situation happening in my life. Know that you always have the favor of God and you can do all things through Christ.

If you have a chance, please read this book! It will surely help you see things in a different (and positive!) perspective. As always, thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚ See you on my next blog!





Sunday Devotional

Ciao! It’s Chams. I would just like to share my favorite devotional at the moment. I don’t know, but maybe some of you might need this to get by your daily struggles. And, here is a little reminder that someone is in charge of your life. ๐Ÿ™‚


“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (NIV)

– Psalm 73:26


There is a great sense of comfort in this verse. God has planted Himself so deep in our hearts that we are forever His children. No matter what may happen to our bodies or how depressed we become, we can always depend on God to be our hope. Through Him we have overcome everything. If you find yourself weak, know that you have hope. He considers you to be precious and will always be there for you. Ask God to be your strength in your delicate times.

I hope you loved that devotional as much as I do. I actually got this devotional from “Devotion” on the App Store. The app is free, and I recommend you to get this as well because it really enriches your faith and reminds you everyday of His love. Happy Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚