Portrait Sessions Vol. IV | friends & dating?

It has been a while.

I missed blogging. I missed taking photos. I missed pouring out my creative juices on this canvass.


I really feel like I want to share something with you.

October 1st

We planned ahead of our trip. But it was sudden. I impulsively booked an Airbnb for Pauline and I, simply because we wanted to get away. Somewhere far, and some place where we could talk about life and catch up. A few days before our trip, Pauline’s high school friend, Gelo, joined us as well. I always wanted to hang out with Gelo, ’cause Pau told me about her a lot. She likes bands too, and she’s got good aesthetics.

The day came, and the weather was good, it was bright and sunny outside when we left Manila. We bought beers and soju before dropping off to La Bella when the sky had a temper and it drizzled for a few hours. When we got there, we fixed our stuff and rested for a while before we went outside for our shoot.


Hello Gelo

Gelo has been a friend of Pauline since high school and I’ve heard about her since. Pauline wanted us to meet for the longest time but we didn’t have the chance to meet earlier, but we occasionally talk over Twitter that’s why it wasn’t really awkward when I got to meet her for the first time.



There’s a deeper reason why the three of us wanted to hang out together– to talk about boys. A few weeks before our trip, we were on a dating app and we were talking about the boys we’ve been talking to, and we just can’t contain all the funny stories, cringe-worthy moments and kilig stuff that we have experienced from there.

During that time, I was talking to someone already but he was giving me mixed signals that even girls can’t understand. The thing about online dating is, you really can’t expect anyone to be serious. People come and go easily.





Well, maybe not everyone. Maybe, some are meant to stay. Hopefully.

my thoughts are so messed up.

Hope you liked the photo set though.

Camera used: Canon 1100D

Lens: Canon 50mm f1.8 

Muses: Pauline & Gelo

IG: @earthtopauline & @gelo.tecson



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