Gogh-ing where?

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If you’re an art junkie like me, you probably know Vincent van Gogh. He’s a post-impressionist painter from the late 1800s. His works are far different than the other painters from his era, mainly because of his play with colors and the life behind his creations. 

“The Starry Night” – Van Gogh, 1889 // this is a moving version of The Starry Night, to show the life behind this creation.

Vincent lived an unhappy life. He was broke most of the time, he didn’t have a decent job, he jumped from one city to another, his love life was a mess, he had mental illness, he was treated by his neighbors as a freak, no one was interested in his paintings (during his lifetime), and no one appreciated him as an artist (again, during his lifetime). The only thing that was good about his life, was his relationship with his brother Theo. They were really close, and he got Vincent’s back since day 1.

As much as I wanna talk about his life more, but this will be freakin’ long, so if you wanna know more about Vincent’s click HERE.

What brought me here?

“Irises” – Van Gogh, 1889 // One of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. It’s currently displayed in the J. Paul Getty Museum at Los Angeles, California.

I never knew about Vincent van Gogh, until I watched an episode of Doctor Who, where the Doctor and his companion Amy, went back in time to meet Vincent, with high hopes of re-writing time and prevent Vincent from killing himself. It was a really lovely episode, I shed a good bucket of tears when I watched it. If you wanna watch the tear-jerking moment of Vincent travelling to time where everyone appreciated his work, watch it HERE.

“Sunflowers” – Van Gogh, 1887 // The Sunflowers were actually a series of paintings. Vincent made four of them, and as of the moment, they were displayed in Japan, Amsterdam, Philadelphia and the other one is in a private collection.

Since then, I was interested with his life and his works. I watched a few documentaries about him, and read biographies. I didn’t realize that someone whose life was tragic, can be so inspiring. What made me really sad, is the fact that he was underappreciated when he was still alive. His paintings then, were treated as trash. (I really wish I could give Vincent a hug rn)

Painted with Words


One of my favorite biographies/documentary of Vincent was Painted with Words. It was produced by BBC, and the best bit here is that Benedict Cumberbatch played Vincent. The whole story was based from the exchange of letters of Vincent and Theo.

Loving Vincent

LovingVincent_Quad_Art_GBMH_R15_V 1[2]

Loving Vincent was the first ever fully painted animation film and it was about the circumstances of Vincent’s death. Each of the 65,000 frames was painted using oil in canvas by a team of 115 painters. I watched this film at SM North Edsa with my dad and my sister. The ticket was only priced at Php 150 and it was such a good deal! When we went inside the cinema, there were only like 15 people inside! I feel so bad for the others who didn’t get to watch this film, because it was amazing. The animation was incredible and I was in awe with how it was all put together. The story-telling was great as well, it showed a different point of view of Vincent’s passing.

If you still have a chance to watch this film, watch it now or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. 




I know this post was a bit random, but I just wanna express my love for Vincent van Gogh and tell the world (in case some people don’t know him yet) how awesome he is. If you like Vincent too, give me a virtual high five in the comments box below! 😉



4 thoughts on “Gogh-ing where?”

  1. I love Van Gogh. He’s one of my favourite painters because of his constant use of the colour yellow. He was fascinated by it. He dreamed of living in a house with other artists. And all this when he was a manic depressive. What you would expect from someone with his condition is dark paintings. And they were early on in his career. But he focussed his depression on something good, on something bright and vibrant. He never gave up on his dreams and at one point would paint 80 paintings in two to three months. He was a dreamer, just like me. A dreamer who created some of the most beautiful works known to mankind despite all of the shit in the world.

    Wonderful post! xx

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  2. Girl, I love Van Gogh’s artworks but tbh I never really took time to read more about him and his life. Thanks for this pati na rin sa links!! I didn’t know Benedict C. did a documentary of his life and I love Cumberbatch sobra. HUHU.

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