For my future self

Ciao, it’s Chams!

Today, I made a visual journal for myself. I got this inspiration from Conan Gray’s Me at 17 video. I think it’s really nice to have this kind of keepsake that I could look back on when I get older (hopefully successful) and tell myself, “Remember how you weren’t able to put your life together then? Look at you now!”

I made this video a bit different than the other videos I found online though.

It is basically a reminder to my future self, that I was once like this.


Watch my video [ here ]



don’t forget to watch in HD!


11 thoughts on “For my future self”

    1. Mejo mahina nga! Huhu nung ginagawa ko sya okay naman pero nung naupload na humina yung audio. Pero anyway, thank you for watching! ✨ haha naks youtuber charaught 😂


      1. Hahahaha give this video a big thumbs up charot 😀 Nakapanood na din ako ng vlog mo, Amielle! Yung muntik mo na maiwan yung phone mo sa cab haha


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