I found some cringey old photos of me

While I was thinking for new blog post ideas, I came across a folder on my laptop. It was a file storage of my photos back in 2013 when I first got my iPod touch 5. I found some cringe-worthy photos of me and other photos which I find very funny and made me feel nostalgic. And since it’s also Thursday, might as well do a little throwback.

The birthday surprise


It was February (2013), We had classes during my birthday and my college friends surprised me with a box full of cupcakes with toppers which has pictures of my favorite band dudes. I was really in shock when they gave this to me, especially when they chipped in money to buy me an All Time Low Straight to DVD! That was so sweet of them. Aww.

That creepy girl


(Left) My very first plane ride. Nothing much, but you can see through me how excited I was at that moment. Pure bliss. LOL.

(Right) While we were cleaning at home, we found Mom’s wedding dress! It was all lacey and it looked really conservative. So I tried to fit the whole thing, including the veil. It looked really creepy on me, I don’t know why. I have a scary picture with this dress but might as well not post it here or I might scare y’all away. Haha

Meeting my favorite band


I met my favorite band, A Rocket to the Moon! It was during their very last show here in Manila (because the band has split up), and I was so happy to finally meet them up close! I got a hug from everyone, but the most memorable was my hug with Halvo (Eric Halvorsen, bassist). I even had a selfie with him. He’s so cute! Me? Meh.

Rainbow head


I tried on different hair colors during college, I started off with Atomic Turquoise, then Blonde, and finally, Lavender Blue. My parents were really against it, but being the rebel kid that I was, I still dyed my hair. Looking back, I feel proud that I managed to pull this off even just for a short time. 🙂

Crazy friends


We are Bahamas. But before we get to the part where I explain why we’re called Bahamas, I’ll first talk about why we all ended up being friends. Back in college (up to now), we really love listening to different bands, and because we love them, of course we also love the band guys. And we always have fangirl moments (fan fictions with the band guys LOL). Bahamas = watery/wet. IYKWIM.

Once a grumpy kid, always a grumpy kid


The ultimate throwback.

(Left) Mom told me I was having tantrums at that moment. I didn’t ask why I was having tantrums but I always find this picture funny.

(Right) Mom, Dad and I on the beach. I can still recall why I look so grumpy here. I was asking my Dad to ride the boat with me but he didn’t want to so I was really upset and I looked like this until we got home from the beach. Heh what a brat.

Since I wasn’t really sure of what to post on my blog, I ended up with this. But, this was fun! I was laughing the entire time while I was browsing through my old photos.

I also want to see some of your old photos and the stories behind those too!

Thank you for reading! 🙂



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