Is it Spring?

photo from Pinterest

Spring has sprung.

Just kidding. We don’t have Spring here. The rain and the sun always play around our clouds. At the moment, it’s raining. Then, it stops. And then it rains again. It seems to have a love-hate relationship with the weather.

I haven’t seen the sun for quite some time now, and it’s making me a little lonely. I can’t say I like sunny days better than rainy days. I like them equally. But, I want to experience Spring. Sun shining, flowers blooming– it just gives a whole new vibe, some kind of hope maybe? Spring is like something to look forward to. And this is my Spring. This whole thing is my Spring. Something I would like to look forward to. And somehow, something I would like to look back on.

Hello again, this is Chams. Welcome to the messy side of my brain. Welcome to my outlet on the internet.




4 thoughts on “Is it Spring?”

  1. This was such a great first post to read! Short, simple and funny. Welcome to blogging and I can’t wait to see more content. You’re not a great start already!

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