cookies brought us here

Hello, world. Meet mine. 

how we met

[ October 15, 2018 ]

I was in the backseat of the car, stuck in traffic and was looking down on my phone. Hours before my flight, I was swiping left and right, looking at different men, reading their bios — some were funny, incredibly witty, and some were just plain boring. I wasn’t really invested in the dating app that I was using.


After an amount of swiped left guys, popped this really adorbs guy, wearing a suit, and I guessed it was him in his graduation photo. First thing I noticed was his smile and how it synchronizes with his eyes. Carefully read his bio, and BOOM! It was a match.


Okay, to be completely honest, my brows went up a little bit when he also mentioned in his bio that he was trying to look for a serious relationship. Like who says things like that in your dating profile bio? Are you tryna scare the girls away? Apparently, not me. I focused on the silver lining and looked at the brighter side that this guy bakes cookies.

Of course, since we were using bumble, I should be the first one to initiate the conversation.


Yes, so it went like that. Being the blabber mouth that I am, I looked into his bio again and saw his star sign. He was an Aquarius too, so I thought it would be nice to use that as a conversation starter.

Me: Soooo, you’re an Aquarius too. Kailan birthday mo?¬†(When’s your birthday?)¬†Haha

Him: Yas I’m an Aquarius! Feb 10 haha ikaw?

Me: Feb 7 omg hahahah

Him: OH MY HAHAHA SAMA KA SA CELEBRATION KO TAPOS AKO SAYO¬†(Join me in my *birthday* celebration, and I’ll join yours)

Okay, things were escalating pretty quickly but it was also about to die down. That very moment while I was talking to him, I was on my way to the airport, for my flight to Bacolod. And it wasn’t for a week-long vacation, but I will be there for six months to work. Yes, it was a complete bummer. I told him that I will be away for quite a long time, and he had nothing to do but accept our star-crossed lovers kind of fate.

We continued talking, until I reached the city of smiles.

the one after the swipe

To be completely honest, I was really having fun, talking to him. We’re both very different people, but we totally clicked. He was very straightforward, outgoing and he seems kinda like the life of the party. He’s also quirky, but in a good way.

We also switched to¬†Telegram after a few exchange of messages on¬†bumble¬†and was surprised that he deleted his dating profile a few days after. He also got my number, and asked if he could call me in the morning, while he gets ready for work and to wake me up so I could follow our dorm’s bathroom schedule. He did it every weekday, without fail.¬†It was also this time when he started giving me hints that he liked me and told me that he wanted to pursue me.¬†*kiligs*¬†

Though he was miles away from me at that time, it was like a blessing in disguise, that we were able to get to know a lot about each other, without the rush. In my head, I knew it would be a totally different scenario if we weren’t in a long distance¬†landian.¬†We were taking our time, getting to know each other, our similarities, our differences. Somehow, it was much more easier to take in all the things that you know about a person when you are not physically there since there isn’t a lot of judgment.¬†Lol does that even make any sense?

But, to tell you the truth, it ain’t hard to like Kervy. He’s basically the sweetest, gentlest and nicest guy I’ve ever known. He also speaks with so much wisdom, and he’s very passionate of the things that he loves to do. No wonder, that as the weeks went on, I started to like him more and more.


christmas ain’t cold anymore

Two months of talking virtually eventually lead us into meeting each other physically, for the first time. I went home for the Christmas holidays, and it was the 23rd of December when we first met. Boy, I was nervous. I didn’t know why. I was pretty sure I completely knew a lot about this person, but still I was anxious, because what if I didn’t meet his expectations?

I’m not the type of person who sweats a lot, but I swear, that moment my palms were moist and it felt like all of my blood were in my head. Also, he was with his mom the first time I met him. So, imagine the amount of anxiety that I’ve been dealing with that time. But, God was great. He magically wiped off the anxiety when I saw him and his mom, smiling, while waiting for me. It went pretty well, his mom and I exchanged pleasantries, then she headed home and left us there in the mall so we could go on with our¬†first date heheh. It was a pretty casual date, we just had pizza and took some photos using his film camera. Then he went to my house so he could meet my family.

We had great food, and he talked to my parents and siblings, like he’d known them for a long time. We also went to church together with my family to attend¬†simbang gabi.¬†And it was very dreamy, with the colorful lights around us and all. I was sure by then that I was in love with him. (but I didn’t tell him yet heheh)

We went to my home after the mass. And just a few moments before he went home to his, he stood up, straightened his shirt and spoke in a loud and clear voice:


post-christmas extravaganza

After the New Year, I had to go back to Bacolod for work. And we were back with our video calls and chats. It was much easier then, because we know that soon I’ll be back for good, and we were counting on the days when we’ll be together for our birthdays. He got a plane ticket to Bacolod for us to celebrate our birthdays together. I planned out our itinerary, the places we’d go to, the places where we could eat, and so on. But fate played with us again.

I got a news from work, that we will all be sent back to Manila before February. For good.

Sure, it was great news. We’ll be back to Manila for good, earlier as expected.

Bummer, since we planned out our February vacation. And it needed to be canceled.

the brighter side

When I got back to Manila, a few days before our birthdays, we started to realize how our initial plan came true. That we will be able to celebrate both of our birthdays together. And it was so much fun! It’s amazing how God works in ways you can’t imagine.

Okay, so maybe you are wondering how we became together?

Here it goes.

so it begins

After our birthdays, I was really really 100% sure of him. He made me feel loved and secured and happy, and there was no reason not to be with him. So I planned out, how will I tell him that I wanted us to be together, like officially?

So being the creative person that I am, in the morning of March 10th, I made a zine. I cut out cute graphics, and a funny comic strip, and made a short poem. I forgot about the other contents, but yes, at the end of the poem, I told him there that he got himself a girlfriend.

His reaction was priceless.


now what?

8 months in the relationship, and we are still learning a lot from each other. And what I love about the relationship that we have now, is that we pray together everyday. Through that, we get to know our intentions, and we get to pray for one another. Being in the Singles for Christ community also made us better individuals, and even better partners, as we grow together in love and in faith.

Sure, we had moments where we didn’t understand each other, but every time we had that, we made sure we talk about it in the best loving way possible. I’m really blessed to have someone who knows me well, understands me better and prays for me for the best.

(1) After a fun photowalk sesh at BGC, we took a self-portrait (2) Our first picture together, me holding a pizza (3) He took me to my first prom, hence the awkward couple shoot (4) Just recently, we went to ANCOP Global Walk

what i love about my bb


cookies pls

If you made it this far, I’m pretty sure you found our story interesting. But what makes it even more interesting, is that we now sell the¬†cookies¬†that sparked our love story! These chewy, chocolatey and chunky cookies are super hard to resist– I’m telling you!

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you are ok | mnl

i was on the verge of breaking down, then you came around.

It’s been two years since I last saw The Maine do a show here in Manila. I miss them terribly, that’s why I was really excited when they released You Are OK this year, because that means they’ll be back on tour, yay!

When PULP announced that they’re taking The Maine back to Manila, I was pretty sure I jumped and screamed with excitement! I mean, I’ve seen them a couple of times before, but there’s something with them that makes me want to see them every time they go here in Manila, It wasn’t all because of their charm, but their music, of course.

the announcement

It was during the first half of the year when they announced that they’re going back on tour. My sister and I were actually the first ones to get a ticket, because it’s cheaper when you buy in advance and you’ll be able to secure a meet and greet pass! Now, we wait.

the pre-concert

Apparently, when you’re getting older, your excitement is not the same when you were younger. We went to the venue at around 4:00 (show starts at 8:00) because the meet and greet will be around 6:00. When we were younger, we usually go to the venue 12 hours before the show so we can line up early and get the best spot (near the barricade). Now, we enjoy being at the back of the theater, seeing the stage in full view, more open space to dance and jump around, and you won’t get squished!

I don’t know why, but every The Maine concert completely becomes a reunion for me and my friends. It’s also like that one event where you see familiar people, and it’s fun to see how these people look different from the last time you saw them. Anyway, 4/6 of my concert buddy friends were there, and we’re all very different from the kids we were used to be back then. We now have great jobs, and one of us is in med school! But, the love for The Maine is still the same, maybe even stronger.


It was 6:00 PM when the Meet and Greet line initiated, and we were really excited when the boys went out the stage and gave us hellos and warm hugs! Like I said in the earlier blog, they don’t allow their fans to pay for meet and greet tickets, because why would you even pay money to meet human beings right? So they do this thing as much as they can.


the concert!!!

People were freaking out when the counter started, and I was freaking out too because I feel like they’re about to sing Slip The Noose first! And they did! And I was really happy because they were wearing their all-white suit and it’s the first time Manila saw them fully-geared up like that!!! do you feel how excited i am writing this right now lol)




As usual, they sound lovely, and I was all smiling and dancing and jumping with my friends the whole show. I just enjoyed the whole time and dropped my phone. Though I did put my phone on voice memo so I can listen to it after and reminisce how the show went. What I really like about going to concerts is the experience, being with my friends and singing these songs with them that we used to sing when we were younger, and broke and didn’t know where or what our lives would be after school.


Somehow, The Maine reminded me how to be alive again. Thank you. I am OK. 





hear me gush over the maine

Where do I begin? It’s really hard to open up a story about something so amazing, I just want to dig right into it and let my emotions flow.

It all started off when I met them in February 2011, The Maine was one of the acts for LIV3 show, and we came there for Never Shout Never and We The Kings. I haven’t heard about them since, and my first time hearing them live didn’t really make me a fan in an instant.

The Maine for LIV3. 2011.

Fast forward to 2012, my sister and I were in another concert and they kept on playing Girls Do What They Want and Everything I Ask For while waiting for the show to start. We then figured out it was a song from The Maine and we started listening to them that moment.


Pioneer was their recent record when we started listening to them, and to be honest, it sounded very different from their previous records Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop and Black and White. Somehow we missed their boy-band/punk-rock vibe but as time passed, I started to appreciate its uniqueness and how well-thought Pioneer was. I can definitely say that Pioneer was a make or break for them, it’s either fans would love it or hate it. But turns out, everybody loved it and then came Forever Halloween. My favorites from this record are Identify, Some Days, Misery, When I’m at Home and Like We Did.

Pioneer. 2011.

forever halloween

It was 2013, when they released Forever Halloween, a 12-track album where they showed how great they are as an independent artist. I don’t know how they did it, but it must be their passion to create music that sets them apart from others. My favorites from this record are Run, Love and Drugs, and F**Ked up Kids. Shortly after, they also released a Deluxe version of FH and my favorites are Ugly on the Inside and Bliss.

Run – The Maine, Forever Halloween. 2013.


american candy

Then came 2015, I was graduating in college and American Candy was the best reward there is. American Candy was a subtle and smooth record for me. I mean, all of the songs in this track are amazing! Whenever I listen to this, it takes me back to the time when I celebrate with friends with our graduation and our board exams. My personal favorites for this record are English Girls, Am I Pretty?, (Un) Lost, and Another Night on Mars. 

Am I Pretty – The Maine, American Candy. 2015.

lovely little lonely

After two years, The Maine released their new record, Lovely Little Lonely. It is a 12-track album again, but it’s different than the other records they put out there. The beautiful transitions in this album are flawless especially in Lovely to Black Butterflies and Deja Vu. The vibe they put into this record feels very mature for me and at the same time, all the words will hit you right in the soul. I don’t know, but they really keep getting better over time. My favorites from this record are Bad Behavior, Black Butterflies and Deja Vu, Taxi, and How Do You Feel?

Lovely Little Lonely. 2017.

you are ok

This year, The Maine has released another record called You are OK. They never fail to give their fans quality music and content, which may be why they take two years to produce another one. For us fans, we always look forward to listen to their new music, and waiting for The Maine is always worth it. You Are OK for me is really timely, and it’s like a reminder that whatever hard spots you’re hitting, you’ll always get by. My favorites from this record are Slip the Noose, Numb Without You, and Flowers on the Grave. 


You Are OK. 2019

the maine as a band

I’ve been a fan girl since I was 16, and I followed lots of artists since. But, I already outgrew most of them, mainly because they changed music, and it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Apparently, with The Maine, it feels really different. It’s like, I want them to be part of my life and, yeah it may sound corny and very cheesy but it is how it is. I met a lot of awesome people because of them, I listened to their music while I was still studying in college, up until I finished school and became a licensed professional, and now that I am in the working class, I still listen to them. The Maine has been really a part of my life and somehow, I want them to be a constant.

What sets them apart is their passion for music, and giving their 100% to the people who supports them. The Maine also do not allow their fans to pay for meet and greets during their shows. I think they are the only band that I know who are like that. And I love them for that.


film photography story | vol. 2

And now, we’re back to photography!¬†

Back in February, my dear boyfriend gave me a fresh roll of lomography 100 film and I was dearly excited to use it because it was my first time to try a fresh roll! If you haven’t seen my first post about film photography and how I got into it, I will link it for you right¬†here. I used an expired Ultima 100 film there, and I was really excited to use lomo 100 (because it really sounds fancy as well hehe).

Of course, I still used my dad’s old Pentax ME, and it is really in need of a cleaning. However, it still works well and can still capture beautiful things.

now down to the photos

Each roll has 36 shots and I took photos from great places and took portraits of really cool people. But you know, I’m a still newbie and still don’t know what I’m doing so some of the shots were really underexposed. When I say underexposed, I meant you can’t see a thing out of the shots I took. They were all dark.

Good thing, I adjusted something from my camera and saved some shots!

sintang paaralan

I went back to my university to get some documents and grabbed the opportunity to capture the beauty of my school in film.

North wing. Main Building.
Mabini Obelisk and a group of Iskos.
Great Wall of PUP lmao
Pandayan ng isip ng kabataan.
Mabini Obelisk mula sa North wing.
Iskolar ng Bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban.

I hope you liked this photo set. ūüėČ

All photos were developed and processed by Sunny16 Lab.


Love always,


i lived in a city 717km away from home | part 2

So, the story goes. 

Pero bakit parang mas gusto ko na lang i-kwento uli? Haha. Ayun na nga, sa previous post ko, medyo hinapyawan ko ng kwento yung pag-stay ko sa Bacolod for ilang months. Sinamahan ko na rin ng photo dump para complete experience. Anyhoo, eto na ang tea.

bakit nga ba ako umalis?

Hindi naman sa ayaw ko na dito sa Maynila, pero dala na lang din ng gusto ko ma-experience mamuhay nang mag-isa at kailangan para sa trabaho, kaya napunta ako ng Bacolod. During that time, ESL Teacher ako at nag-expand yung company na pinapasukan ko sa Bacolod at nangailangan sila ng Teacher from Manila office na tutulong sa Bacolod team. Low-key prinesenta ko yung sarili ko na gusto ko mag-Bacolod. Di ko naman akalain na kakagatin nila yo’n. So nagulat na lang ako may ticket na daw ako sa susunod na linggo mula nung sinabi ko na “I volunteer as tribute!” chos.

Nung una, ayaw pa ako payagan ng nanay ko. Syempre, bunso ako. Ako pa yung baby sa bahay, kaya parang di pa nila ako ma-let go. Pero ayun, kinalaunan naman, pinayagan na nila ako kasi wala naman silang choice at nakabili na ko ng maleta.

2018-10-15 18:01:12.109
7PM ang flight namin bound to Bacolod. First time ko lumipad without my family! Such a grown-up haha
Bacolod sunrise

San Sebastian Cathedral. Dito ako nagsisimba every Sunday. Tapos after mass, diretso sa SM Bacolod para mag-grocery!

2018-10-20 08:21:39.310
View mula sa street kung saan kami nakatira. Lacson Street!

an independent manilenya in bacolod

Dahil walang mommy na magluluto ng agahan ko at maglalaba ng damit ko, in-charge ako sa lahat. Pero sobrang dami ko natutunan. Natuto ako mamalengke ng kakainin ko for the week, gumising ng maaga para mag-luto ng breakfast at baon ko for lunch. Natuto ako mag-budget, at maging mas conscious sa spending habits ko, dahil syempre kahit nasa malayo ako, nagpapa-dala parin ako ng pang-bills ng pamilya ko sa bahay.

Isa sa pinaka-gusto kong ginagawa dun, yung pamamalengke. Sobrang mura ng bilihin sa Libertad, dun kami namimili ng gulay kasi sobrang mura! Sa 300 pesos ko, nakabili na ko ng gulay, prutas at meat na swak para sa isang linggo ko na konsumo. Kapag naman feeling fancy kami, bibili kami ng seafood sa Downtown (Central Market) at magsi-seafood party (and beer) kami ng roommates ko. Favorite ko din mag-ukay ukay with friends sa Downtown kapag weekend!

I mentioned kanina na I cook and prep my own food, eto yun! Pa-healthy kunwari. Pero kasi mas mura gulay kaysa sa karne. Fave ko bumili ng spinach sa palengke na worth 10 pesos lang ang isang balot!

I’m not gunna lie, pinaka-masaya na part sa pamumuhay ng independent, ay yung di ko na kailangan mag-paalam kung saan saan ako pupunta haha. Madalas yan, nag-aaya yung mga friends ko na lumabas ng alas-otso ng gabi at umuwi ng alas-kwatro, lakad lakad sa may lagoon, o di kaya mag-dessert sa Calea. Ganun talaga yung life dun, very chill, hindi nagmamadali. Parang laging hawak mo yung oras mo. Dito ko rin na-experience yung nag-ala Kris Aquino ako sa ka-conyohan dahil sa kalasingan (first time yon).



Christmas Village! Biglaan lang din yung pagpunta namin dyan. Kasi naman, di talaga kami mahilig mag-plano haha
Dessert run sa Bob’s!
Isa rin sa fave dessert place namin bukod sa Calea at Felicia’s, ay Bob’s!

everything is temporary

Syempre, alam ko namang hindi ako magtatagal sa Bacolod. Pero hindi ko naman inasahan na uuwi pala ako agad. Dapat talaga, anim na buwan kami mags-stay dun. So, dapat, April pa ako uuwi. Pero laking gulat din namin na end of January, babalik na pala kami ng Manila. Syempre, masaya kasi makakauwi na kami, pero malungkot kasi nakakapanghinayang, ang dami ko pang hindi narating. Hindi ko masyadong nasulit yung opportunity na sana nakapag-travel ako over the weekend, na sana pinuntahan ko pa yung mga tourist spots na hindi ko pa napuntahan. Syempre, nakaka-lungkot din na hindi ko na makakasama yung mga taong nagpa-saya ng stay ko sa Bacolod.


The Ruins


Processed with VSCO with k3 preset
DSB, Negros Occidental
During my last few days sa Bacolod, I went on a city walk tour and visited The Negros Museum! 

Got covered in paint sa Dinagsa Festival! Days before kami bumalik ng Manila

Panaad Park
Cafe 9 3/4! It’s a Harry Potter (and all the other nerdy stuff) – themed coffee shop in Bacolod!
Uwian na! Pero babalikan kita. Soon!


Hm, na-realize ko na posible pala na ma-fall in love ka sa isang lugar. Haha. At sana, ginawa ko yung lahat para masulit ko yung pagkakataon na nandun ako. Ang cliche, pero totoo. Minsan naiisip ko na kung bakit ko ba sinisiksik yung sarili ko dito sa ingay at gulo ng Maynila kung meron namang lugar na kagaya ng Bacolod na sobrang sarap tirhan.

Babalikan talaga kita, City of Smiles.



i lived in a city 717km away from home | part 1

It was October last year, when I left home and moved to a new city in the south. I traded the busy streets of Quezon City so I could be in the City of Smiles–¬†Bacolod City.¬†

Bacolod is not entirely new to me. I’ve been there once when we traveled as a family about five years ago. It was such a nice place, and I didn’t mind going back because of the hospitable people, great food and cool places to go to.

lots of ciaos

It was pretty much a surprise when I told everyone I’m leaving home. I only had one week to prepare, pack, and say goodbye to my friends and family.

(at this point I really just want to go straight to the photos I kept because I’m not a great storyteller and this could get really boring lmao)

I met lots of people while I was there, some of them were my office mates, some are from SFC, and some are from the places we always go to aka the palengke.


now here goes the ~october~ photo dump

These are some of the photos I took during my first month in Bacolod. Not much but I just wanted to share these here! I hope you enjoy!


bacolod (1)

i attended a baybayin writing workshopbacolod (2)i attended a baybayin writing workshop (1)

Ugh, such a bummer. The quality of the photos went bad. 


I’ll post the other part soon, I promise! ūüėČ



on getting up

It is in the most difficult times that you see yourself, broken into pieces, like a shattered glass on the floor. Then you look at it like,

“This was where I went wrong,” and

“This was where I made wrong decisions.”

You pick it up carefully, keeping in mind not to touch the sharp edges. You look at the glass and see yourself in those situations, then reality hits you and your reflection starts to glare. This is you now. What can you do about now?

It’s not easy as you think it would be, but keep in mind that you are not alone. Your friends, though you’re not keeping up with them constantly, doesn’t mean they’re not there for you. They will always be. You just have to open up and allow them to listen. Your family, sure, they can sometimes have judgment, but they are up for some talking. Lastly, you have yourself. You are lucky that you are whole, and you are alive. There’s hope in your heart and you are still looking forward to the great things that are yet to come. Give yourself time to pause and reflect, seek for guidance, and pray for directions and wisdom to discern the things that are being unfolded to you, if they are from the Lord.

How many times did we hear the phrase, “It is okay not to be okay.” Your feelings are valid, but it’s not an excuse to stop. You pick up the broken pieces, bring them together and continue where you left off, but this time, better and stronger.

Everything is temporary, even the sorrow that you carry. – The Maine, Flowers on the Grave